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Graffiti Vibe Introduces 'Lack Lustre Rush'

I'm a singer / songwriter originally from Prague, Czech Republic and a couple of months ago I moved to the UK to live and work here. I just released my first song and a video shot in the streets of Bristol. Would be smashing if you could give it a listen and share it in case you like it.

Coleman's first single of 2020 is definitely a vibe. Hell channels Post Malone and Travis Scott respectively while creating a sound that’s entirely his own. Over an addictive beat his charisma and witty lyrics are on full display. And who doesn’t love a Timothee Chalamet reference? “Show ‘Em” is just one of those songs that's hard to stop listening to.

"Lack Lustre Rush is a love letter to all the rock & roll greats and underdogs, a salute to its hardcore punk roots, an entity that is willing to (almost cartoonishly) walk the fine line of writing simple pop songs, while doing its best to cover up whether it’s about to hug you or actually kick you in the face."

Discovered via Musosoup

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