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Graffiti Vibe Introduces 'Max Burstyn'

Max Burstyn is a musician from North London studying his Master’s degree in composition at the Royal Academy of Music. His musical life is split into five parts: composing, producing, audiovisual-programming, performing, and teaching.

His compositions take influence from late romantic music, experimental electronic music, using data from scientific fields such as astrophysics, environmentalism, and ecology. His second year Master’s thesis will focus on the sonic aspects of music therapy and their applications in composition and performance.

He recently produced and released an EP, ‘Komorebi’ (the Japanese word for sunlight falling through the trees), which takes influences from Central and East- Asian music, trip-hop, electronica, noise, and glitch music. He is about to release a series of live performance videos - a mix of romantic and jazz piano with electronic music, accompanied by space-exploring MIDI-reactive visuals.

Discovered via Musosoup