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Graffiti Vibe Introduces 'Movie Club'

There’s no other band out there doing it like this.

It’s a bold move. Short, to-the-point songs. Tight transitions. No lyrics. No microphones. Two organic instruments. One unique sound. This is Movie Club. They believe in the power of a strong and simple union between instruments to cut through the overproduced music of today.

Jessamyn Violet (drums) & Vince Cuneo (guitar) get grittier & heavier with their third release, Man o’ War, out 3.31.20. Inspired by modern and classic psych rock bands, they recorded the 4-song EP with bassist Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie, Black Crowes).

The music video concepts for this release are very short films of the duo as “good guys” caught in various capers with cartoonish white wolves. “Moonbow,” the first single off Man O’ War, was filmed in Venice. The forthcoming “Bones” will be released with the EP and was shot at an abandoned California water park, featuring masterful cinematography by Dustin Downing and references to a few classic films like Mad Max.