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Graffiti Vibe Introduces 'Palma Louca'

Exotically named and delivering nothing less, Newcastle based Palma Louca are a 5-piece indie/alternative band delivering a unique blend of indie rock, dream pop and progressive shoe-gaze. The band have a wide array of influences spanning from Pink Floyd to Pixies.

Brothers Joe and Richard work hand in hand combining their musical ideas to produce the bands original material with each member adding their own unique flare. The band record and produce the majority of their music in Joe’s home studio allowing them to experiment and embed themselves within each piece of music.

Their vibrant debut single “Disparity” delivered a refreshing burst of shoe-gaze into the indie genre, quickly followed up with the energetic ambience of ‘Free Float. Now, the band are preparing to release a third single on Friday 13th March 2020 in the form of ‘Billion’, a punchy and melodic take on what’s happening in the world today.


“Palma Louca’s first single washes over you like foreboding waves that warn of storms to come. With drawn-out delays delving deep into a murky ocean of shoe-gaze…and fuzzy guitar lines cutting through like desperate gasps for air….. a gripping introduction from a new band who clearly have a lot to give.” – GNE Track of the week

Palma Louca who had drawn in a decent crowd for their dark alt-indie sound. And, by throwing in a curve-ball in the form of an upbeat number at the end….certainly left us intrigued and excited for the imminent release of their first single.” – SpotlightUK

“Newcastle based Palma Louca have come up with something that feels very familiar, but still able to stand out amongst its dream-pop peers. Combining the clarity and rock side of Foals music with a fuzz-drenched shoegaze influence.” - MixItAllUp

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