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Graffiti Vibe Introduces PALO G

23 year old female/non binary artist. Born & raised in Marbella but based in Berlin; it's Palo G.

The Spanish Gentlewoman wants to share with us a deep untold story that she decides to call FMS (Feed My Soul). What happens when loss affects a relationship, what happens when romance is destroyed by the death of a close one?

Palo G wants to bring awareness on this topic and create a conversation. A song full of hope and nostalgia, reversed guitars giving heavenly feeling accompanied by a warm chorus that will get stuck in your head and maybe make you cry.

The story will be also told by the video coming out on the 9th of August, featuring Spanish Actress Saida Bahida as Palo's girlfriend; it's a pure love portrait between two women in an innocent and pure way. It's the prelude of a romantic grief.



Discovered via Musosoup