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Graffiti Vibe Introduces 'Paramestre'

Paramestre is electronic-ish music with human vocals, guitars (played by a human), and far too many effects (along with a healthy dose of digital manipulation). It floats somewhere in the overlapping regions of a three-dimensional Venn diagram whose nodes include Radiohead, Son Lux, Moderat, Rhye, Caribou, The National, and Bonobo (comparisons non-exhaustive and non-binding).

Conditions initiales (“initial conditions”, in English) is the first collection of music from Paramestre and is comprised of seven tracks stretching out just under 32 minutes for an average of 4’33” per piece, the shortest running 2’50” and the longest 7’01”. As the title suggests, it is the starting point for this new series of musical adventures, but it is also the culmination of work in progress since 2016.

As stated by the opening track, this music is nothing “perfect”; there are artefacts from tortured source material, there is noise, there are glitches from randomized effects processing, and there is no pitch correction. But in contrast and/or counterpoint, there is also warmth, groove, melancholy, and hope. This music was made to explore these juxtapositions and the inherent cycles of tension and reconciliation that result.

Paramestre is the musical child of half-French, half-Canadian (but not French-Canadian) sound scientist and musician Pierre Massé, who is currently pursuing a PhD thesis on the manipulation of reverberation effects in 3D sound systems. He has also been producing and releasing music for the better part of the last decade, most recently under his experimental electronic alias Qirule.

Discovered via Musosoup


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