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Graffiti Vibe Introduces 'Roadkeeper'

Sundowners was inspired by climate change doomsayers in the social media writer/influencer space. I think it is irresponsible to the younger generations coming up for older pundits and influencers to take a totally cynical tone and write world issues off as an apocalypse without using some of their time and talents to highlight the ongoing efforts to mitigate these issues. Botched apocalypses are survived by undeserving generations that are left to pick up the pieces. Performing cynicism online just to lead a cultural tone or to be at the front of the zeitgeist does a disservice to the less privileged who will have to deal with the worst of the thing.

Roadkeeper Biography

The East Texas quartet Roadkeeper formed in 2018 as an independent, self-produced project that blends the dreamy aesthetic of shoegaze with anthemic psychedelic rock. Based in Tyler, Texas, the band is made up of producer/vocalist John Eric Hetherington and drummer Nick Cogdill, who both served in the post-punk group Knifight, as well as guitarist Trevor Tull and bassist Daniel Griffith. Their debut single “The Creeps”, released on October 26, 2018 by Equal Temperament, is a cathartic shoegaze anthem that deals with abuse and emotional manipulation. Following the release of “The Creeps”, the band released two more singles in the first half of 2019, the psychedelic post-punk long player “Gushers”, which deals with racism and police violence, and the pastoral and yearning “Old Man’s War”, a swirling painting of acoustic guitars and synths with themes of anxiety and fear of the current political environment. In September 2019 the band returned with a new single, “Narcissistic Peoples”, a lean and layered psych-rock guitar track inspired by the erasure of and actions against American indigenous cultures by the ruling class as well as the current refugee crisis at the southern US border. On March 27 Roadkeeper released a new single, the epic, psychedelic “Sundowners”, inspired by cultural doomsayers in the face of climate change, pandemics and other global issues.

Roadkeeper fuses the sounds of early-90’s British Shoegaze with Psychedelic & AOR/Soft Rock from the 60’s and 70’s. With each member being a live performance veteran having performed with the likes of Duran Duran, Thomas Dolby, Future Islands, among others and on festival stages such as ACL & SXSW, Roadkeeper knows how to fashion an engaging live production.

The band’s high standards for live performance stem from both a relentless pursuit of amazing songwriting and recordings as well as a deep desire to connect with their audience on an honest, personal level. And though they write serious songs about personal and world issues, their live shows are relatable and unpretentious. The genetic makeup of a Roadkeeper set includes beat-heavy AOR grooves, precise psychedelic pop numbers, tasteful lead guitar sections, intimate soft valleys, loud but not abrasive peaks and extended full band jams.

Discovered via Musosoup