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Graffiti Vibe Introduces 'Semaj The Poet'

Music has influenced Semaj The Poet’s life since the beginning. His love for music came from the inspiration he got from his mother and father as a child. Semaj’s father played the piano and that is what truly developed Semaj’s love for music. Along his musical journey, his mother always believed in him and in his music, giving Semaj the confidence and motivation to keep pushing and strive for greatness.

The digital, internet age that we live in today has evolved the music industry greatly. With the addition of online streaming services and social media, it’s giving talented artists a platform to share their music and get their name out to the world in ways they never once could. Every day new artists are being discovered as the ones next to “blow up.” An artist that has circulated in that list is Semaj The Poet.

Creating ten tracks that move a llkinds of audiences and doesn’t pertain to one specific genre, SEMAJ THE POET has worked long hours to blend the likes of hip-hop, R&B, funk, and alternative for his latest feel-good album 'B.K.S.'