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Graffiti Vibe Introduces 'Stumble Day'

For SF Bay Area- based rock group Stumble Day, authenticity is the overarching goal, predictability the sworn enemy.

Inspired by Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, and Pink Floyd, Stumble Day’s songwriting is at once refined and brutally honest, thoughtful but wry, gritty but accessible. Heavy and guitar driven with carefully placed dissonance, the music has a distinct edge that reveals the influence of Soundgarden, Jeff Buckley, Nirvana, and Porcupine Tree.

Rienecker’s songwriting deal with everything from the exquisite to the abject in the range of human experience - addiction, love, wanderlust, sex, death, art - drawing from the particular perspective of a young romantic searching for beauty and meaning in a baffling and often callous world. The music is characterized by a startling frankness and catchiness, balanced by a sardonic sense of humor and a taste for unexpected chords and song structures.

The musicians in Stumble Day come from diverse musical backgrounds - lifelong friends Noaa Rienecker (guitar, piano, vocals) and Jason Hallyburton (bass) grew up throwing shows in the DIY punk scene, while Dillon Vado (drums) and Justin Rock (guitar, vocals) refined their chops playing jazz in Detroit, New York, and the Bay Area. Formed in 2018, Stumble Day has played up and down the west coast and grown an ardent following.

They released their single “Doldrum Blues” on Bandcamp in December 2019 and are set to release their eponymous debut on April 1, 2020.

Discovered via Musosoup

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