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Graffiti Vibe Introduces 'The Dude'

'The Dude' is a solo project formed by Gaël De Temmerman in 2020 in Brussels, Belgium.

Although all songs are written, recorded and produced by Gaël, 'The Dude' features many different musicians including guitarists, keyboard players and singers. In fact, 'The Dude' never uses the same singer twice.

That is why the band's catalog is so diverse, ranging from ballads to heavy-metal. So far, the group has released 3 singles: 'Broken Promises', written about the loss of Gaël's newborn child in 2019.

It features a Belgian singer, Nicholas Brynin, as well as a Greek lead guitarist only known as 'Jimmy'. 'The Witch', which very much reminds of Black album-era Metallica features a Nashville singer by the name of Joel Jorgensen and 'One In A Million', the project's latest release which is an uptempo Panic At The Disco meets Blink-182 type of song,features Ukrainian Sergey on lead vocal.

A 6-track E.P. called 'Psychosis of The Liver' is set to be released on april 15th of this year. Meanwhile, 'The Dude' tries to post a new song on their Facebook page every week. (They have a 100+ song back catalog to choose from, recorded over the last 10 years). Their name was borrowed from the 1980 song by Quincy Jones. Be on the lookout, because 'The Dude' s coming for you!

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