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Graffiti Vibe Introduces The Orbalist

Luis David Fernandez Gago (David Fdez) a.k.a. The Orbalist is a multi-instrumentalist musician, creative producer and visual artist born in Madrid and settled in London. He is best known for playing regular gigs in the UK with bands such as Kasai Masai, Abdoulaye Samb & Minnjiaraby, Lit FM, Murk FM, Sunset Sunrise and Chakur Everyday among many others. He also founded the creative collective Hackney Rhythm and is one of the architects of AndWhat?ldn.

The Orbalist does not follow any established norms, it happens of a musical style to another one of fluid way. His career started fifteen years ago as FlamencoPercussionist and Arranger, but also as Producer. In 2009 he started a live electronic music band called "Madbek" in Cordoba, Spain. Ever since he moved to London in 2013, he started playing Percussion on different jams which led him to perform with Senegalese, Congolese Soukous, Funk, Neo Soul and Acid Jazz bands since 2015. He also established a Live Electronica and visual art duo called "Sunset Sunrise" and a Neo Soul/Funk ensemble called Murk FM.

His first single "Orbalism" was released on 2016

The second single "Dos Pasos" was launched on 2018 followed by "Dos Pasos - Remixes" with seven remixes by different artists selected in a contest held by Hackney Rhythm.

His album debut "Is this real life?" was released on 2018, an electronic music album produced employing live recorded samples.

He also released "London Brain EP with the Spanish EDM producer ÜNAM under the Russian label EMFM House on that same year.

In November he produced Jester Society's single "Floating in the blue"[3] featuring Isaac B.

"Castillos" is his latest single accompanied by an artistic music video, launched on December 25th 2018 and featuring the UK MC Absent Minded Poetics (AMP Medley). The music in this single was conceptualised as Neo Soul Hip Hop but also builds bridges between modern genres as Trap -triplet flow- and classic Hip Hop through sociopolitical criticism.

"Castillos" is an international collaborative work that critic the current socio-political global situation and denounce education inequality, political corruption, refugees crisis, fake news, raise of fascism, racism and xenofobia; and the role of the media, TV, advertising and marketing on educating and influencing mass opinion.

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