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Graffiti Vibe Introduces 'With What Eyes'

With What Eyes is a London-based pop act formed at Oxford University by two childhood friends. They combine sensitive lyrical pop with eclectic production choices, evoking contemporaries such as Lana Del Rey, Florence and the Machine, Bat for Lashes and FKA Twigs. Writing, recording and producing everything themselves, their cross-genre creations remain identifiable with their personal, ethereal stamp.

Their musical collaboration started in the school choir and orchestra, harmonising down the corridors as soprano and alto, and playing clarinet, piano and violin. This classical training laid the foundations of their harmonic sound, which they first began to develop as a duo on the London and Oxford open mic scene. In October 2019 they quietly released their first EP FDFP on Bandcamp, designed as an ode to their early pub performances. Whilst keeping the EP quiet digitally, they toured it across Europe - Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and London - its intimate, personal sound tailored for live performance.

In April 2020, after University, and in the midst of a national lockdown, With What Eyes released their second EP Coral Moon. Its ambitious production demonstrated a significant development from the choral-folky sound of FDFP, anticipating a turn towards more alternative, experimental electro-pop. ‘Dragonfly’, Coral Moon’s lead single, was picked up by BBC Introducing and aired with an introduction which profiled them as upcoming artists.

The tracks also garnered success on numerous Spotify playlists such as Rattler Magazine’s Radio Jams, with a cumulative reach of over 60,000 followers. They debuted the EP live in October 2020 to a sold-out audience at the Underbelly Hoxton. ‘Big Dreamer’, the EP’s final track, has gathered interest more recently as the duo's audition piece for Open Mic UK, winning them a place at the live show finals in March 2021.

Their next project is bolder and more ambitious than the last. Titled We Played Snake Till Snake Played God, the EP focuses on life in a digital age. Its conscious lyricism and cultural currency sensitively explores the very human concern that we all feel about our increasing dependence upon a screen.