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Graffiti Vibe Recommends 'AYESHA'

Ayesha has been recognised all over the world for her songwriting and performances and after huge success from her critically acclaimed debut album, she returns with her newest album ‘Nocturne’. Ayesha has always been a true creative spirit which is reflected in her dreamy and eclectic album which showcases her love for Country, Rock, Americana and Blues music.

Over the years, Ayesha has been championed by the likes of Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2, Classic Rock Country Magazine and Maverick Magazine as well sharing a stage with Country and Blues royalty such as Albert Lee, Dr Feelgood and Amy Wadge.

She was also the first international student to attend the Country Music Association of Australia's prestigious songwriters college in Tamworth.

The new album captivates Ayesha’s love of travel and adventure which varies from heartfelt love stories to foot thumping country classics. After training as a classical pianist from an early age to tequila fuelled songwriting in Nashville, Ayesha is a testament to eclectic songwriting and true, raw musicality. She has been influenced by singers such as Linda Rondstadt and Dwight Yoakam to Paul Rogers and Bonnie Raitt and the album reflects her love of The Eagles, Dwight Yoakam, Son House, Sheryl Crow and Jackson Browne.

After spending hours in the studio, each song hones in on Ayesha’s experiences and life lessons to create an honest and creative album. Nocturne was released on all platforms from 5th September.



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