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Graffiti Vibe Recommends 'Chris D'Lima'

It's my first release in about 5 years. I've had record label deals in the past, as well as airplay on BBC Radio 6, but the music I'm releasing now is a million miles away from what I was doing before.

Having been scarred by the music industry and taking some time away, when I started writing again, the lyrics were darker and the sounds became heavier. Perhaps a reflection on the hardships of life, perhaps a change in my personal taste. Either way, I'm in love with the music I'm making now, especially since I don't have to answer to anyone else and can be completely creatively free.

My music has always been rooted in pop, focusing on catchy melodies. But playing around with trap style beats and heavy bass riffs has created something I like to think is quite unique. Well, I've never heard anything quite like it before.

Discovered via Musosoup

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