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Graffiti Vibe Recommends 'Ego Tripping'

Ego Tripping was started by Tony Sziklay in 2018. Originally an electronic home-recording project, it has since evolved into a 5 piece band with 2 vocalists, synths/samples, drums and guitar.

Ego Tripping’s style draws from many influences, including psychedelic, downtempo electronic, trip hop, new wave, post-rock, and dream pop. The songs range from dark and ambient to melodic and sentimental. Sonically and lyrically, the music is intended to be hypnotic and introspective.

Note: The genre name “Dreamwave” was dubbed by a friend of the band. It was adopted by the band because of the way it sounds, not because the band thinks it invented a genre :-)

To date, Ego Tripping has recorded 3 albums and 3 singles. Their debut album, Reflection 1, was released in January of 2020. This 5-song debut album is 34 minutes and leans more towards a longer song style, with dark atmospheric sounds and droning vocals. The band’s second album, Reflection 2, follows a similar style. Their third album, scheduled for release in 2021, will combine more elements of dream pop and psychedelia. All their music is mixed and mastered by Jalipaz at Audioconfusion studio in Mesa, AZ.


Discovered via Musosoup


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