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Graffiti Vibe Recommends 'Leonie Jakobi'

“Walk to West Berlin shows what a fantastic songwriter and storyteller Leonie is” Warner Music UK

Leonie Jakobi’s second single proves her versatility in many ways, without giving up her desire for massive rock sounds. The story of two young people in love, divided by the Berlin Wall, was inspired by her family’s roots in the city of Berlin. Her grandma – pictured on the single cover – loves to tell stories about how she used to smuggle things from West to East Berlin without getting caught.

The perfect visualisation for the folkinspired cinematic rock song came through a collaboration with the German film “Zwischen uns die Mauer” (The wall between us), directed by Norbert Lechner, which beautifully tells the same story as the song. With the lead actress Lea Freund, who Leonie went to school with in Dreieich, Germany, the music video proves that for the next generation of artists, there’s no holding back anymore.

Artist Bio:

The Frankfurt Native, currently based in Liverpool, submerged herself in many different cultures and environments to create a unique Rock / Folk Pop sound that combines the power of three-part harmonies, classic rock anthems and pounding drums with intimate and resonating vocals. The mission in her music is to tell stories of the ages and to hold a place in the heart of her listeners with a raw sense of merciless honesty. The identity of the music is parallel with the identity of the creator – connecting with every person that hears the songs and meets her is what gives her music such intimacy.

Her debut single "Are You Lonely Enough?", released in February 2020, was played on BBC Introducing, at Anfield Stadium and on Mersey Radio among others.

„If this is just the starting point of future things to come from Leonie Jakobi, it’s safe to say that big things can be expected.” – getintothis


Discovered via Musosoup