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Graffiti Vibe Recommends 'Lexytron'

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

About ‘Lexytron’ and ‘Something Blue’

“Half Greek, half Persian and half English” as she described herself age 5; Manchester-born Lexy found her identity in music early on as a pianist and violinist. Her debut album ‘Something Blue’ crosses genres - flinging the dirt and danger of rock n roll against the bleeding heart and melody of Mozart - and is an alternative girl's guide to love, loss and lust.

The album was recorded in London with Mike Grice of Manchester indie rockers City Reign and mixed and mastered by London-based producer Marco Meloni.

It features roaring riffs, lush string arrangements and angelic choral arrangements, all within the structure of a pop record that is the perfect length for a vinyl!

The brand new music video for ​‘Blue’​, the love song of the album, was shot at New Zealand’s Lake Pukaki and is a strikingly raw portrayal of how it feels to love and lose someone.

Lexy In The Press

  • Here Comes The Flood (NL): “A powerful statement about sexual independence”.

  • Gig Radar (UK): “Dreamy vocals over a more intense guitar riff that builds towards an infectiously catchy chorus”.

  • Turn Up The Volume (BE): “Catchy cracker, loud and clear message.”

  • Thomathy Entertainment (UK): “ This lively song automatically puts me in a good mood and all I want to do is ... dance around my room.”

  • CJAM FM (CA): “She’s just getting better with every track!”

  • Mogg Blogg (UK): “Lexytron brings her own originality to the table with flair and confidence.”

  • Richer Unsigned (UK): ‘Brand New’ - Fresh Finds Spotify Playlist.

  • Wolfman Radio (UK): “Record Of The Week” (October 2019) - ‘Couples’.

  • Zone Nights (AR): “Couples...la cual, tiene estilo para darle arranque al fin de semana que est á empezando.”

  • Muzic.Net.Nz (NZ): “ Lexytron really has the hang of getting to the point with her songs, and has once again created something playful and catchy out of a painful situation.”

  • Kool Rock Radio (PE): Kool Kut Of The Week - ‘Blackmail’.

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