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Graffiti Vibe Recommends 'Nuffsaid & Souldoubt Studios'

Hip Hops best kept secret & Lyrical Legend Nuffsaid is the heart and soul of the modern Hip Hop sound. Whether he’s delivering intelligent rhyme patterns, cultural references or political metaphors Nuffsaid truly is one of the most dynamic rappers out today whose creativity & passion spans far beyond the 1 dimensional artists flooding the media but stays humble within the industry.

Starting over 10 years ago when RV & Nuffsaid first stepped on stage at events such as the unforgettable “Freeway Poets” & “Secret Walls”, the pair have been crafting the musical genius that is “About Time” and are already building the next full length album that will follow up this incredible EP shortly after. Nuffsaid has also made huge bounds in the industry as Front Man for the band “Supachill” who released their acclaimed album “Sofa” back in 2018.

Discovered via Musosoup