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Graffiti Vibe Would Like To Introduce 'Electric Tuxedo'

Electric Tuxedo (Andrei, Cat, Horia) is a London-based production trio, whose work has been described as ‘ice cream on a grilled chicken breast’ by Vice.com. Not unwarranted, might we add, as their gutsy culinary approach extends to their sound, which mixes not only musical styles (pop, EDM, hip-hop, rock), but also lyrical subjects (first thoughts after a break-up, visiting a shrink, plunging into a black hole; not necessarily in that order).

The band’s story is one of circumstance. It just so happens that Andrei and Horia are cousins. Cat isn’t related to any of them, but he might as well be, given that he and Andrei have been best buds since high school. Happenstance was not the only factor involved in the band’s cookery, however. Cat went on to earn a BA in music performance, while Andrei went overboard and got a PhD in musicology. The only sane member of the band was Horia, who studied economics (and yet still the most musical in the band!).

Their passion for expressing themselves and their wildest thoughts comes out of every piece of music that they work on together. They released their first EP, Circus, in 2016. After being featured on BBC Introducing and Berlin ArtParasites, they went on to be played on Radio Guerilla and TaNaNaNa, feature on Vice.com, win the Spellground Newcomers competition, and have a kid (congrats Horia!).

The cherry on top, as it were, is their frequent collaboration with guest singers or instrumentalist, making every song the recipe for a very quirky musical experience. Their latest release, ‘Your Own MC’ features up-and-coming singer JRozzi, who delivers a powerful and uplifting performance on a song about going your own way in life, without worrying about anyone else's opinion. The song invites listeners to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and follow their own path.


Your Own MC’ explores daily routines, anxieties that come with them, and a way to escape. It provokes the listener to follow their own paths regardless of what anyone else thinks. Everyone has something to say, and its high time we pick up the microphone and sing our song. We become the MCs of our own life-show, and JRozzi’s powerful vocals enhance this sense of urgency and hopefulness. The music’s explosive character further strengthens the idea that anything is possible if you keep it true to who you are.

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