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Graffiti Vibe Would Like To Introduce 'SOMOS MORAENOS'

SOMOS MORAENOS is an East Coast hip-hop duo based in North America, USA.

Kartist’s hometown resides in Aberdeen, Maryland. Norf Shore is based in Staten Island, New York.

The two found each other through Instagram and discovered they both do music using the same production software FL Studio. In addition to that, they both have similar interests.

It wasn’t long before Kartist and Norf Shore began working together.

It was during the creation of Norf Shore’s EP, Sentimental Value, SOMOS MORAENOS was born. Only two tracks have been released out of the archive of music they obtain, SOMOS MORAENOS and Fancy.

They are currently in the process of working on a “SOMOS MORAENOS EP”.

About the Track:

'Fancy' is SOMOS MORAENOS' groovy debut track. Perfect for those who like to bob their head when listening to music. Or even good for those who like to dance. 10/10 would recommend it as a song to listen to at any time.