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Great Pacific Orchestra - Fragile Things

GPO has just released their brand new album titled “Fragile Things”.

Consisting of eight tracks, the album strives to become more than the sum of its parts by being a versatile and proggy composition of very different themes and moods.

“Fragile Things has two sides, as every good story does”, says the lead vocalist Janne Siekkinen. “The four songs forming the first half explore more somber and pessimistic aspects of our existence.

In the latter half, however,  more optimistic streaks start to shine through, and the eponymous last track sums up the theme of the album: We might be small, incomplete and fragile beings, but as long as we’re not alone, there is always a chance of becoming something whole again.”

Great Pacific Orchestra (or GPO if you wish to be more casual) is a community of Finnish musicians who, above all, wish to explore.

GPO composes music that is sometimes poignant and emotional, sometimes playful, trippy, or even gloomily heavy. Even though crossing the genre limits is nowadays considered a massive cliché, that is exactly what GPO stands for, still sounding like itself and no one else.

One more song, with a feeling, dear friends. You are most welcome to join our expedition.

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