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Happy Freuds - Sounds of Echo

Introducing The Happy Freuds.

A multinational rock band from Javea, Spain.

The band record is an analogue & authentic style rock, one take recordings, whether live in the studio or from gigs. Music is intentionally produced with a minimum of overdubs or fixes.

At the ages of 17 & 14, Swedish brothers Teo and Victor Holmstrom (lead guitar/vocals and drums) created the band with Jack Hunter (English) on Bass & lead vocals together with Sergio Canadas (Spanish) on second guitar. Between school, University and work, they've been doing the gig-circuit around the marina alta since summer 2016 with some 30+ full length concerts all over including festivals.

Over the last 2 years, played from Madrid to Valencia, from Gandia to Oriuhela and over 100 concerts.

In the bands own words :

“It was our very first song created by the band alone, without collaboration with external songwriters. The song's main riff is, rather obviously, inspired by “just got paid” by ZZ-top. This with some of the vibe from Black Stone Cherry and Pearl Jam. During the sessions trying to arrange and orchestrate it, we felt that it added something extra to a basic track by creating something that was a bit 'out there' by having more complex rhythms, melody and structure than most of the songs we played live. We never set out trying to make a lick that alternates between 7/8 and 8/8 (or as we often call it "15/8"), but the flow that we achieved by doing so was something that we really wanted to keep.

Having the emphasis shift constantly, first after 6 beats and then after 7 until it reaches a 5 note stab to progress to the next section , we created something that sounded quite complex, but still very concise and structured. We had its melody outline the mixolydian scale with a very angular melody, to create a sense of pace and tension. As with most of our songs, the actual idea tends to be easier to come up with than to actually play! Modulating the riff to A, then back to D and having a contrasting chorus with chords rather than using another riff kept the song interesting (not to mention our fingers intact!). This structure we did twice before heading into a solo, which rather than stay in the mixolydian feel, changes over to Dorian. All of these convoluted changes helped make the song feel unpredictable, and as such more memorable.”

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