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Has commercialised love left us afraid to be Single?

Steven Aydeen’s spent the last few years developing his musical identity having studied in London, Barcelona, The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance and Point Blank Music School. Steve has played gigs and festivals throughout Europe with various projects sharing the bill with acts such as Lucky Chops, Simple Minds, Mando Diao, Babyshambles. During this period of self-discovery, his style shifted and developed from a rock, funk and soul sound towards a more beat based formula. Steven has taken the musical roots that inspire him and combined them with modern technology to create something fresh and most importantly, his own.

The newest track started as a poem but found its formation over the past couple of years, ‘Lovers Mask’ is the second single from his soon to be released EP ‘Groovebox Sketches’. The EP is a collection of tracks that describe the insecurities that modern society created for itself, often accidentally. On this newest single Steven wrestles with the expectations placed upon us to find love and pushes the listener to ask themselves ‘Is it OK to be alone?. describing a relationship built upon compromise he blames the commercialization of love for the insecurities of single life. 

The pressure to be in a relationship is starting to loosen, but for many it often pushes them into wearing the lovers mask. On first listen this track sounds ironically upbeat, blending Hip-Hop, Jazz and Funk for a perfect summer soundtrack.

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