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Hayes & Y release new EP ‘safeplace.’ along with a music video for the title song

Hayes & Y are a rare blend of Bulgarian and Finnish musicians based in Manchester, UK. Over the last few years they have taken inspirations from the vibrant music scene in the Northern city and inserted them into their music. The result is a unique style that combines funky rhythms and catchy melodies with tales of self-exploration.

Their new EP ‘safeplace.’ expands on the band's previous efforts with a new-found dance vibe, inspired by the likes of 80s heroes such as Prince and Talk Talk. Hayes & Y’s approach is very DIY, recording and producing everything in their shared apartment - a surprising fact, considering how sleek and polished their sound is.

The title track of the release is a 5-minute trip that tells a story of estrangement and social struggle. ‘safeplace.’ features a pulsating synth bass over a tight groove and funky percussion, culminating in a massive sing-along chorus that stays with you long after the song is over. The video feels like it could be from a classic coming-of-age movie, with great black and white cinematography.

Hayes & Y has already been featured in famed taste-making mediums such as BBC Introducing, Clash and Spotify’s UK Viral Top 50 and their new EP, coming on 14.06, seems destined to follow and extend that path of success.

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