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Heart Through Sacrifice announce debut self titled album

Prog metal newcomers, Heart Through Sacrifice , announce themselves to the scene with a magical self titled debut album, out July 2019. The project is the brainchild of NZ born, London based musician, producer and creative, Doug Rimington (ex Voodoo Diamond, Hold The Dawn, The Superhelix), who manages to combine his impressive musicianship with his love for storytelling and burgeoning flair for production.

Musically the album showcases Doug’s heavy guitars, brutal drums and electronic synths - which underpin soaring vocals, courtesy of Corinne Cooper (whose credits include The Voice and a number of live performances in the UK and her home country of Gibraltar). Corinne’s approach helps drive the narrative of the album - which is a cinematic story of an orphan boy, a heroic warrior woman and an evil monster that is destroying the world.

It revolves around the themes of retribution and revenge as well as love and redemption, as the warrior fights for vengeance, the boy fights for survival and both seek to regain their own humanity while being chased down by the beast.

Lead track from the album entitled ‘ Blood Stained Stone / The Boy ’ will be released on April 26th. It acts as the perfect introduction to the Heart Through Sacrifice sound of melodic prog metal, boasting an arrangement that ebbs and flows - full of half time break downs, anthemic choruses and magical storytelling.

A Graphic Novel is also in the works, to be released at a later date with the artwork by Bec Dennison of Bullet on a String who is also doing the cover and album art.

All music on the album has been composed, performed and produced by Doug Rimington, final mixing and mastering duties being carried out by Matt Bew ( Whitehouse Studios , Reading, UK). Expect 2 lead singles to drop over Spring before the release of the full album.

Speaking on the album and project as a whole, Doug explains, ‘I finally have something I am truly proud of, something that represents my creative career so far, that I feel is really special and that I cannot wait to share with everyone!’

‘Heart Through Sacrifice’ self titled album will be available on all digital platforms, July 2019.

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