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Henge - Gorilla Manchester Live Review

Henge Live Review Attention Earth Tour Venue - Gorilla Manchester

Recently, I reviewed Attention Earth, Which is the debut seminal album by Henge who escape cliche categorisation in a whirlpool of shoegazing guitar, psychedelic synthesisers, original loops and live drums, all provided as an ecstatic backdrop for the curiously enigmatic vocalist and guitar player. The entire album was played with a great deal of originality with some incredible vocal dubs.

At times they sounded like a hybrid of The Grid, Van der Graaf Generator, The Chemical Brothers, Apex Twin and David Allen, which all combined forms a fresh dreamscape. Due to popular demand, a second sold out gig took place, followed by an weird and wonderful DJ set.

Highlights for me included the awesome Demilitarise, which had the festival feel of Osabisa, whilst retaining electronic pulses, breaks and beats, and a sing-a-long chorus, in which the entire audience participated.

Mushroom One somehow sounded different from the album version but retained the same oddity and intrigue, whilst Indigo Dust sounded true to the original, and I maintain this day, that this is potentially a top 10 single, and although I am supporting the record I am blabbergasted tat with packed audiences and raved reviews, both mainstream and alternative radio, I'm getting behind something that is truly unique, from both a sonic and theatrical perspective. I gave them a five-star review for their album and they also deserve five stars for their interactive installation.

The album is out now on Platinum Rare: Click Here To Listen

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