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Henry Alexander shares follow up single 'In My Shoes'

Henry Alexander continues his rise as a stylishly subversive narrator as he releases his third single In My Shoes. A provocatively positive rock tune that challenges redundant generational contests.

Following on from Trouble Maker which received support in Canada after being noticed by Global News’ music reviewer Alan Cross, who commented Henry has “INXS, Bono and a little Jagger” and stated “this kid is definitely one to watch”. Valida Carroll, LA based DJ and weekly radio show host on KCRW FM stating ‘This rocks. In every way. The track is bumping, the art-direction is on point...and I have a feeling that hearing this song live would knock my (and everyone else inside the room) socks off”.

Returning to Sunset Pig recording studio in Collingwood - lock down looming, In My Shoes came together very naturally and real fast in March 2020.

‘This song came together very quickly, the lyrics echo my feelings regarding recent global events and the importance of empathy and seeing things from another's perspective. Regardless of socio economic or ethnic background.’ - Henry Alexander

“Hey you, how’d you like to be in my shoes” a lyric from the track; is like saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”. Henry is keenly aware of cultural advancement, riffing on cliches with a 21st century wink. So be careful what you wish for, you might be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Henry's songs offer an honestly voiced narrative from a millennial perspective. Times may well have changed but as each new generation of singers comes through some things remain. A natural voice delivering a heartfelt message is consistent throughout the decades of music evolution.

Henry Alexander is a 19 year old student and is continuing his journey in Melbourne’s indie music scene with his band of talented players such from acts such as Kilns and Josh Cashman.

In My Shoes was mixed by Tony Espie (Tuff Tones Music), four times ARIA awards nominee and has worked with artists such as Missy Higgins, The Avalanches and the late great Robert Palmer. Tony is now playing a hand with Henry’s studio recordings.

The band includes; Sam ‘The’ Swain - Guitars/Producer/Backing vocals 

Paul (Special) K - Guitars, Hairy Chest Nate (Dog) Would - Drums Jordi Edwards - Air Keyboards


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