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Heruka: last preview from “No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows”

Only one week left before the release date of “No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows”, second full length by Italian blacksters Heruka out on Rude Awakening Records.

The band unveils the third and last single from the album, “The Eleventh Rule”: all the tracks are linked by a whole concept in music and lyrics, a tormented voyage inside the deepest shades of madness and individual isolation, through the perspective of the affected ones.

Ten songs defining the “Oniric Black Metal” style of the band and its long evolution: from the beginning in 2000 in Sicily as a studio project, nowadays in Rome active with a full line-up.

This track is released just before the official street date, June 15th, both for physical and digital format. The phyisical CD release will be limited to 300 digipack copies worlwide through official distribution in Europe and U.S.A, and of course by direct channels of label and band.

The digital release will be available on all the main streaming and download services such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Amazon Music among the others.

Complete tracklist:

1. Time Collapse 2. No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows 3. Walking Dead Syndrome 4. The Eleventh Rule 5. White Coats Don’t Understand 6. Unreal Consciousness 7. The United States Of Insanity 8. Two Heads, One Brain 9. Twisted Into Form 10. Let No One Be Saved

Heruka is:

Nekrom : Vocals Adranor : Guitar Moha : Bass Nemuri Shi : Drums

News story provided by Rude Awakening Records