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Hip-hop duo Whooda Thunk? meets a therapist

November 30th Whooda Thunk? released the follow up to their debut Alien Boy with the single and music video Soul for Sale. Soul for Sale is the first of several singles where every song represents a meeting with the therapist. Different episodes and different moods with mental health as a common thread. ”Whooda Thunk? is a strong feeling of discomfort and concern that you feel throughout your body. Since you feel it so strongly in your body it can be hard to realize that it has to do with how you feel mentally".

The song itself is a tear in the ego. ”If good for me is bad for her, then bad for me is good enough”, as Carl sings in the songs last verse.

”The idea for the music video came from us wanting to give people the same feeling visually that we get from playing the song. Soul for Sale feels raw, uncomfortable and naked. To undress in the video is a perfect metaphor for what we do. We didn’t want a beautiful video. We wanted to show the vulnerability without some glossy disco-filter".

On may 25th of 2018 Whooda Thunk? released their debut-EP Alien Boy. With the single and music video Used To in the lead, Whooda Thunk? started to gain the attention of both local and international media.

Neufutur.com wrote ”Whooda Thunk? is an introspective and intelligent duo, using their skills to tremendous impact...” After a successful collaboration with Andy Gesner and his team at Hip Video Promo the music video started playing on a selection of tv- stations in the US. Andy Gesner has previously worked with artists and band such as Sia, Korn, Queens of the Stone Age and Bon Iver.

”Soul for Sale” is out everywhere with a music video November 30th

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