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"Holding On" for the next Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue single?

Unbound by genre, the four piece’s eclectic sound often features warm and resolute guitars weaving between memorable synthesizers and grounded bass and drum kit. However, the band aren’t afraid to strip the instrumentation down to deliver maximum impact. Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue succeed in creating a universal and familiar pop sound, whilst simultaneously breaking and redefining the genre.

Zak Lyons said: "Holding On was one of the first songs we wrote as Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue. Kami came in with the verse and we jammed out the song. Kami had a good idea of where she wanted the song to go lyrically so I was just finding riffs around the vocal. I think the song is unique in that way, most of our music starts with a guitar riff or piano part, whereas the lyric for Holding On was written first and then the music was built around it. It is our most unapologetically pop tune and I love it for that.”

Kami Ivanova said: “I started writing Holding On one evening when I felt so unimpressed with everything I was writing musically. I felt that it didn’t reflect my true self and realised that I need to hold on and keep going to find inspiration. The song ended up being just what I needed to inspire me.”

Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue are a UK based Indie Pop Band, consisting of members Kami Ivanova (vocals, guitar), Zak Lyons (guitar, keys), Adam Thomas (bass), and Craig Medlin (guitar).

Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue first met in Croydon and became good friends, playing music together and being involved in many different bands. After Ivanova and Lyons went to the same university they began writing and recording what would become the band’s debut EP ‘Go!’. When university finished they moved to London and recruited Thomas and Medlin.