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Holy Roller Baby & g.rag/zelig implosion deluxxe

The US-Americans, somehow fittingly, bring out their new single "Leper Blues". You plan a release months in advance and don't have a clue how the world will change and then the song suddenly it fits to the current event in a way you never expected Singer Jared about the song:  "I hate to fill in all the blanks because it takes the fun out of discovering a new song, but essentially this is Beauty and the Beast. It's about feeling like a leper (old Biblical disease that is mostly eradicated in today's world), an outcast, an untouchable, an undesirable, cursed but falling in love with a religious zealot (a holy roller), someone as pure as they come. Imagine a sick man in quarantine during a pandemic seeing the woman of his dreams and not being able to touch, feel, hold, talk to or win her over. Damn timing!"

And about the video:

"The video was made back in September to spoof South by Southwest. It's great now because the Festival was largely cancelled. When this video comes out I'm going to title it like this: "Leper Blues (Best SXSW Showcase 2020." If you've ever been to SXSW, there's music everywhere. I mean, really anywhere...backyards, parking garages, rooftops, corner streets, the local convenience store. The idea of the video was to do a comic spin on how heavy the music sounds (take the piss out of it) by showing the band taking the song very seriously...then you find out they're playing a kid's birthday party."

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