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HunBjørn releases mysterious video for 'Keep Breathing'

Upcoming Danish electro-pop artist HunBjørn’s 3rd single, Keep Breathing is a catchy electro pop song, carried by dreamy vocals, wrapped in a crisp synth production. Typical of HunBjørn she mixes the soft and vulnerable with a more raw and direct approach – her way of embracing the double-sided aspects in life.

Keep Breathing is a heartfelt encouragement to stand by who you are. It’s inspired by the current tendency to display perfect lives on social media platforms and the direct negative impact it has, especially on young girls and boys’ self image and self esteem. It’s a call to pause for a minute and breathe.

“I think everybody compares themselves to others, but if it gets out of hand, If you’re afraid of actually doing things that you love, things that makes you happy, it’s really time to take a deep breath and reconnect with yourself.

Personally, I love meeting people, that have the guts to show who they really are and be vulnerable. I remind myself of that when I’m on stage, or in the process of releasing music. It can be scary to put yourself out there, but it’s also rewarding. To me it’s cool to be courageous enough to share real thoughts and real emotions and not just the glossy picture.”

The video for the single reflects this modern battle with ourselves. We see a girl walking around in a house, trying on clothes, maybe it's hers - maybe it's not... The further we get into the story it shows that something is wrong with her. She's battling something or someone we don't know... At one point we see her or someone else's feet lying on the floor. Is she dead or did she kill someone?...

In the end she chokes herself or the person that she was. Trying to become someone else. It’s all about standing up for your own ways and beliefs and not being afraid of doing whatever it is that you love.

The track comes from HunBjørn’s spellbinding new EP ‘Next Summer’ which has helped her steadily grow a solid fan base all over the world with her reflective songs, beautiful videos and a unique way of interacting with her fans on a personal level. She has received positive press from media in Denmark and airplay on Danish Radio P3 as well as Amazing Radio, Radio Hoxton, Shoreditch Radio, The Soundlab amongst others.

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