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Hunter Sheridan releases debut album, Life is a Dreamon all streaming platforms.

After releasing his debut single in 2019, Hunter Sheridan has been growing rapidly within the folk music scene and sharing the stage with notable Canadian folk acts including The Strumbellas, Fast Romantics, and Wild Rivers. The first single from his debut album received placement on Spotify’s “Folk Favourites” and “Folk & Friends”, which helped grow Hunter’s fan base. In 2020, Hunter signed with Subculture Music & Media for North American bookings and was nominated for two Oshawa Music Awards as ‘Emerging Artist’ and ‘Best Songwriter’. Upon releasing, Life is a Dream in May 2020, Hunter had an extensive tour booked, which was cancelled due to the global pandemic. This, however, didn’t stop Hunter from connecting with his audience as he quickly adapted and organized an online live stream show, which also allowed viewers to purchase physical copies of the new album.

Hunter Sheridan is a Canadian artist whose music delivers soulful song writing and warm melodies that weave a euphoric atmosphere. He sings of personal growth, relationships, travel and self-discovery and highlights the importance of honesty. Hunter’s style of blending raw, acoustic energy with atmospheric tones results in a sound that explores a wide dynamic of arrangements and connects with listeners from a diverse range of genres.

Life is a Dream flows an emotionally charged path as the songs dive deep into a place where the lines between euphoria and melancholy start to blend. The record leaves you with an optimistic feeling while acknowledging the much darker reality that exists, which is why we need to seize the important things in life. The lyrics use reference to the earth, space, and time to accent the dreamy, surreal feel of the album, which highlights the connection we have to each other, and the universe around us.

Life is a Dream is a comfort message for anyone who is struggling and trying to find their way to happiness. The record brings comfort in knowing that we are all the same, we are all connected, and we are all together.

”Fires Fade, is the latest single from this new album and it’s a beautifully self-reflective song all about love and how sometimes that spark fades. You remember the good times but sometimes things don’t last. Hunter Sheridan has a massive future with his strong voice, inspiration lyrics and quality production. With the world slowly opening up this singer-songwriter from the beautiful hills of Canada is singing into our sore hearts and making new fans each day.” - A&R Factory

“Life is a Dream sounds like the sonic embodiment of the soft, tender moments of summer, conjuring images of front porches, dusty roads, and star-filled night skies. Aptly titled, the album’s tracks flow into one another with a very dreamy, surreal feel, each song sewn together with tactfully minimal production that works to support and not eclipse the sincerity of Sheridan’s song writing. Understated, deliberate guitar lead lines slide in gracefully to accent and reinforce vocal melodies, while tasteful percussion tends to defer rhythmic lead to the acoustic guitar. Sincerely written and well-crafted, Life is a Dream is a must-listen and a trustworthy highway companion.” - Canadian Daydream

“Hunter is another one of those artists that put out consistent, quality music. He is a regular on our Spotify playlists and we have really grown to enjoy his music.” - Never Enough Music

I’m really excited with the repertoire I am starting to build as an independent artist. I spent many years in bands, and this is my first year branching out as a solo artist. I feel like I am finally in a place where I can put out the music I have been trying to create for years, and it’s really exciting to be making music I am proud of. I’m really thankful for the team supporting me and I can’t wait to continue releasing music to follow up my debut album.” - Hunter Sheridan (Artist)




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