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Husband & Wife Indie-Rock Duo Turbo Widget Embrace Melancholy Sound in New Video “Love Somebody”

To be in open and honest love with someone and to have those powerful emotions reciprocated is probably the most longed for human experience. St. Louis indie-rock band Turbo Widget, built around a husband and wife combination with other musicians assisting as needed, showcase they understood this drive well in their new song and video “Love Somebody”. With what may take listeners familiar with their past work by surprise is the style “Love Somebody” explores, with haunting vocal over a piano track that inspires a true sense of missing something essential for a fulfilled and happy life.

“We try our best to never got locked in creative cages,” commented Kim from Turbo Widget, “We create music that Ben and I enjoy and lets us express part of ourselves to the world. 'Love Somebody' is an example of how we don't fear to move into uncharted (for us) territory and our fans seem to truly appreciate that spirit.”

The video for “Love Somebody” contrasts the lyrics and style of the song with the stirring colors and skull and bones face paint and symbols of Mexico's “Day of the Dead” celebrations. It's a masterful choice and combination that makes the song and its message sink in deeper.

Turbo Widget is around five months into releasing a single and video with none even coming close to being a lackluster work. “Love Somebody” certainly stands on its own for all of the best of reasons as well as being a highlight of Turbo Widget's growing catalog.

The anticipation for what's coming next is already beginning to rise.

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