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New release: icecolddiamond releases Shattered

The song was written and produced entirely by icecolddiamond. Shattered is an electronic and vibrant song about the more animal and impulsive parts on human beings. “I wrote this song during the begging of the lockdown here in Spain. I was living alone on a flat in Barcelona and I was pretty isolated from other people and reality. I started writing this song in order to put into words what I was feeling being locked on my own. I feel that Shattered is my club song for when there aren’t clubs and you are your own company.” tells the artist.

The music video, shot in black and white and colour is a love story about two guys who fall in love and their lust contrast their innocence. icecolddiamond contacted Jordi Estrada when the quarantine was about to end and they connected creatively on its first meeting. Then, they worked hand by hand on the music video. “It talks about breaking beautiful things, just like they say in the movie “The Fight Club”. It was one of our inspirations while writing the plot” says icecolddiamond.

Inspired by artists such as Depeche Mode, Madonna, Kraftwerk or Marilyn Manson, icecolddiamond shares with us this song from his upcoming album High/Life expected to be released in October. Conceived during this last year, High/Life is a dark electronic project written in Catalan, Spanish and English. It covers topics such as mental health (on the tracks Ansietat, Catorce Rosas or Scophaesthesia with IIIDIMENSIONALKID and Knight), rage (on Raging and El Hierro), fear or escaping from places you don’t belong to (on the track in Catalan and written using the flamenco scale, Ballet). Combining synthesizers, pianos, guitars and his own voice he creates a unique sound, dark and closer to cold wave or future pop.