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icecolddiamond's riot in H4T3fxkk

icecolddiamond is Fran Jiménez's project, based in Barcelona (Spain). He's been experimenting with electronic and organic instruments for years. After a self-published album "EYES", a few music videos and some gigs around his home-towm city and Spain, he just released his new single "H4T3fxkk" featuring IIIDIMENSIONALKID.

After embarking on a whole conceptual project, icecolddiamond released a new single, with an even darker and industrial tone to talk about his state of mind during the last year and fighting against the police during the catalan riots on Barcelona at the end of 2019. Inspired by Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson or Perturbator he sings "I'll front the police with guns / All night the city burns / I'm always defenseless / Not an easy target to achieve" to show power but also weakness and sensibility.

He's now trying to embark on a tour on some European Festivals and he just started writing a new record while he's still finishing the last music video for EYES. This music video will be a 360º experience for the viewer.

In words of NandoBside, an Spanish journalist in his blog Confesiones tirado en la pista de baile: "Un estilo oscuro, electrónico, jugando a veces con la distorsión y con elementos visuales (artworks, videoclips, fotos promocionales) que denotan que mima su trabajo. Y eso es la base de un buen artista, talento y mimo. / A dark style, electronic, playing sometimes with distorsion and visual elements (artworks, music videos and photography) that denote that he treats well his job. And that's the basis for a good artist, talent and care."

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