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Imperial Domain release music video & celebrate 20th anniversary of In The Ashes Of The Fallen album

In November 20th 1998, Swedish melodic death metal band IMPERIAL DOMAIN released the album “In The Ashes Of The Fallen”. Now exactly 20 years later they have remastered and are releasing the album again on digital platforms. To celebrate this 20th anniversary IMPERIAL DOMAIN is also releasing the brand new music video for the song “CONSPIRACY” from the album “The Deluge” which was released earlier this year by Inverse Records

Line-up 2018: Andreas Öman - Vocals Peter Laitinen - Guitar Philip Borg - Guitar Alvaro Svanerö – Drums

Line-up: 1998:

Tobias von Heideman - Vocals

Philip Borg - Guitar

Peter Laitinen - Guitar

Alvaro Romero Torres (now Svanerö) - Drums

Erik Wargloo - Bass

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