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Indigo Waves - Jerry Whiner


We are Indigo Waves, a 4 piece indie rock group from Provo, Utah. We are reaching out because we would love for the opportunity to be featured on your blog! Our music has been featured on several other indie blogs / playlists including David Dean Burkhart and Obscure Sound.


Video Age, Hers, Gus Dapperton


We formed in November of 2017, and released our debut album Traveler in June of 2018. Following the release of Traveler we received a lot of local traction and began playing local festivals including The Provo Freedom Fest, Made in Utah Fest and the Utah State Fair, as well as playing shows at local legend venues such as Kilby Court, and The Velour.

In December 2019 our former lead singer Alec Whitaker left the band due to differing music tastes, and the remaining 4 members breathed in a breath of fresh air, as we were finally able to make the music that we wanted to make. This new musical direction paired with our dedicated fans once again boosted our following allowing us to play several sold out shows at The Velour and other local venues.

Since Alec’s departure, we have released 2 singles entitled “Thanks” and Jerry Whiner” which we recorded at June Audio With Scott Wiley. Wiley is known for recording artists such as The Neon Trees, The Moth and the Flame, Sego, The National Parks, and The Aces.

Our Song “Thanks”

Thanks is a song that we wrote about how people can come into your life, be there for a little bit, and then fade out completely. No matter how long these people are in our lives, or what they contribute, we are grateful they were there.

“ Clean guitars and bouncy synths complement a melodic vocal lead, with lush synths adorning the beginning of some verses. The track is a breezy, concise, and infectious success.” - Mike Mineo of Obscure Sound

Our Song “Jerry Whiner”

Jerry Whiner is a song that we originally wrote and the lyrics had a different meaning, but we later realized it was actually the story of a grumpy old man who comes into our workplace frequently and complains.

“Utah’s Indigo Waves have released a great track in ‘Jerry Whiner’. The 80’s synths are glorious and mixed with a lo-fi bedroom pop vibe it makes for a song that is both retro & modern at the same time. Whilst there is a lot to like about ‘Jerry Whiner’ I think it’s either going to be the downbeat vocal or those lush synths that ultimately win you over.” -Indie Midlands

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