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'Instant Happiness' by Paper Fishes

Recorded by the acclaimed producer Leo Abrahams (Brian Eno, Editors) at Livingston Studios in London, Instant Happiness is the debut album by UK alternative rock band Paper Fishes.

Rooted in Americana but moving easily between lo-fi rock, country, folk, blues, punk, and gypsy-folk, the album is tied together by Andre Levy’s distinctive vocals and his incisive and humorous lyrics, backed-up by the band’s precision and versatility.

The album boasts prestigious collaborations with Leo Abrahams (Florence and the Machine) on lead guitar, Mirek Salmon (Moscow Drug Club) on accordion, Rosa Conrad (Gabby Young and Other Animals) on guest and backing vocals, Jenny Glester (Liverpool Philharmonic) on violin, and Paul Cuddeford (Bob Geldof) on steel guitar.

Paper Fishes disclose the album release with two single: Orange Paint and Eating Instant Happiness.

Paper Fishes’ core lineup comprises singer & songwriter Andre Levy (lead vocal, piano, rhythm guitar), Simon Edwards (Fairground Attraction) on bass, and Aram Zarikian (Seamus Fogerty Band) on drums.


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