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International Pop Diva, Latifa, releases ‘High On You’ in tribute to toxic ‘situationships’

Birmingham-based pop diva, Latifa, today announced the release of her new dance single, ‘High On You’ - The young colourful Popstar who grew up in Singapore has racked up to 50k followers on TikTok. With one of her videos raking in over 700,000 views!

Following her debut release in 2019, Latifa collaborated with Eljay to write, record and produce her second track. The producer is currently managed by the Disciples, an English production trio who collaborated with Calvin Harris on ‘How Deep Is Your Love’; the track, which was a global success in 2015, coincidentally inspired Latifa’s ‘High On You’.

The pair have teamed up to create a track that complements Latifa’s bright and colourful sound. Remaining true to her pop roots, the song comprises of signature piano chords and is heavily influenced by 90’s Euro House.

‘High On You’ lyrically reflects on the emotional rollercoaster associated with getting to know someone romantically, highlighting that the temptation to rush into love too quick, while it makes for an intense and lustful ride, the flame usually burns out as quickly as it began.

“‘High On You’ came to me when I was strumming my guitar one evening,” Latifa explained. “At the time, I was wrapped up with an ex-band member and, even though I tried not to get too caught up with my feelings, it was just inevitable.”

The self-professed diva continued, “I have a habit of rushing into love; in fact, I rush everything in my life - I’m just impatient. I know many will resonate when I say that I ended up in a ‘situationship’ where I had already caught feelings, and we weren’t even a thing. You know that point when it’s intense, but you’re just enjoying the high while it lasts because you know it’s going to crash and burn soon?

’High On You’ pays tribute to that…..Not all love stories are beautiful forever. Some are intense, crazy and they end dramatically. That’s the reality.”