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Introducing Fran and her new single 'Mind'

From Western Australia electro-pop producer FRAN brings her latest single Mind, a response to the on-going challenges that envelope her direct and in-direct experience.

FRAN produces with an awareness of the electronic music’s variability, Mind has the vapour-filled atmospheres that de- individuate warehouses but the intimate sentiments that draw you in and celebrate special connections. Taking tech-bass textures and heavily processed vocals in the foreground, FRAN isn’t afraid to combine emotional responses to current events within her dance music. The resulting Mind has the vibe of low-key melodic house, taking you through the forms of pop and cultivating in you an emotional receptivity.

Learning the craft of electronic production and DJing later than expected, FRAN has taken to these new endeavours with a heightened sense of how to use song and the command of space as both a political and personal vehicle. Her 2018 debut single Sorry was made to acknowledge Prime Minister Sco) Morrison’s apology to children subject of the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse. FRAN has remixed songs from diverse artists including New York-based Romy Balvers single Sleep.

The accompanying video forMind was cut together from FRAN’s debut DJ set, directed by Michael Muntz (WA Screen Award Winner, Walkley nominee), displaying how determined she is to work the space and share her productions.

Intent to move forward producing open-heartedly and with agility, FRAN’ selectro-pop brings dance styles into an ageless realm of connection through the accessibility of pop structures.

News story provided by The A&R Department