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Introducing Monty Bvrgs and his new single 'Tokyo Cyber Punk'

Monty Bvrgs is proud to announce his latest single Tokyo Cyber Punk. The song appears on the second full-length album, Cassette 84. Inspired by experiences with Tokyo nightlife and nostalgia for the 80’s and 90’s, Monty Bvrgs has created a synthwave mix designed to transport you into a futuristic dystopian world. Tokyo Cyber Punk delivers steady chillwave synth, taking the listener to the calm intensity of the Tokyo streets at night.

Monty Bvrgs is a Brisbane based electronic synthwave and chillwave artist. He draws on various inspiration from movies such as Bladerunner and bands like Gunship, The Midnight, and Wolf Club. Inspired by 80s and 90s films, chillout beats and retrowave nostalgia, Monty Bvrgs aims to take the listener on various journeys. His love of symbiotic cultural forms is illuminated by his catalogue of expansive vibes matched with sub-cultural detail.

Tokyo Cyber Punk is the exemplary single from a deep repertoire of dark, tech noir instrumentals. A composition replete with the sounds of the technosphere: the shimmering frame rates of smart objects, the chimes of public transport and Monty Bvrgs’ sense of self standing defiantly within these overwhelming contexts. With an eclectic array of tunes that feature everything from heavy synth bass to piano and smooth backing vocals, Tokyo Cyber Punk encapsulates the individual amongst intricate systems and creative escapism.



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