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Irish cowboy, Konrad Sheane's rumbling debut

Konrad Sheane is a singer/songwriter born to a farming family on the east coast of southern Ireland. With an impressive two-decade drumming background, he moved to the UK to embark on his solo career. His music is steeped in the blues with four on the floor bass drums, electronica and great pop hooks that are big enough to headline any festival stages.

‘Devil’s Whiskey’ is a bold debut single from the Irishman where its noticeable how he draws influence from a wide range of great artists including Kid Rock, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club through to rock, country and blues legends such as Johnny Cash, Yelawolf and Pink Floyd.

His style of blending blues and EDM influences shapes his sound uniquely making his work extremely visceral, visual and cinematic in scope. On ‘Devil’s Whiskey’ Konrad transports you from drinking whiskey while playing a game of pool at your local tavern down a speeding Texan highway on a Harley Davidson without a helmet and just the wind in your sails. The bold and anthemic chorus “suck on my gasoline”, representing a punk/DIY notion of doing what’s right for yourself and disregarding others disapproval, scepticism, or criticism.

Konrad’s husky yet sensitive baritone tells tales of his country upbringing, city life and lust for freedom, and is sure to set 2019 alight as his voice digs into crevices rich with heartbreak, homeland, and heritage.

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