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Italian artrocker Darman to release new LP "Necessità Interiore" today

On the heels of the European tour for Segale Cornuta, his second album released in 2017, Darman is ready to disclose his new LP "Necessità Interiore", out on 3rd April via Ayawasca Sciamani Musicali (IT).  

Darman is the moniker of Dario Mangiacasale, composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Turin, Italy.

While influenced by psychedelic rock, and capable of delivering mind-expanding free form suites, he also knows his way as for postpunk and 90s alternative rock, which emerges in his powerful, well crafted guitar songs.

Mixed at Studio X in Berlin by Dirk Feistel (known for having mixed the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), Necessità Interiore is about synesthesia, it's the celebration of blending between sense organs and different arts. In the album Darman explores particularly the intertwining and mutual feedback between music and painting.

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