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Its time for 'The Now' New Single Special Kind Of Stupid released now

The Now is a four-piece band from South Wales who, although only started playing together two years ago have already started making an impact with their big, highly infectious, guitar-heavy tracks.

The Now consists of:

Shane Callaghan on Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals

Callum Van Den Bogerd on Drums & Vocals

Callum Bromage on Guitar & Vocals

Jay Evans on Bass Guitar

The average age of the band is 21 and their cutting edge look and feel falls in line with their sound, cool, current and highly charged!

The Now’s inspiration comes from an eclectic mix of music and musicians who include Chuck Berry and The Police right through to Kasabian and Catfish and the Bottlemen, however, these are just inspirations and not to be confused with how the band sounds. Vocal influences include Kelly Jones and Ryan ‘’Van’’ McCann.

The Now are stand alone with an addictive unique sound topped with slick lyrics. Their new track “Special Kind Of Stupid” carries a highly charged, guitar-heavy sound with a vocal to match. It rocks, yet can be enjoyed by mainstream audiences tired of chart cheese. This track positions The Now as a band to be heard and to be taken notice of. 

Look out for The Now playing live, once you have seen the guys play on stage you will be a fan for life.

Jo Lowes / Puffer Fish Press

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