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Ivan Moult - 'What More Could I Say' / 'Toxic' | Bubblewrap Collective OUT NOW

Two years on from the critically acclaimed Longest Shadow LP, Ivan Moult offers up an intriguing first glimpse into his forthcoming material. Latest single 'What More Could I Say?' - released 14th August - showcases a subtle shift from the lovelorn purity of its predecessors.

Commencing with shuffling percussion and reverb-laden, jangly 50s electric, it’s only when Moult’s airy, elemental layered vocals enter the fray that the song becomes obviously his own.

Written, recorded and mixed by Moult himself within a month during the Covid-19 lockdown, 'What More Could I Say?' reveals a songwriter still pre-eminently focused on the inner workings of love in all of its complexity and nuance. This time, though, where there was disquieted hurt and confusion, there’s now a begrudging, almost contented acceptance. Love, it seems, may be capable of both pain and healing.

'What More Could I Say?' will be available through all digital retailers on 14th August via Bubblewrap Collective, alongside a menacing, ethereal cover of Britney Spears’ 'Toxic'.

"Absolutely Wonderful. Just Gorgeous." - 'Janice Long, BBC Radio' 

"Akin to that of Nick Drake or Jeff Buckley's distinctive songwriting charm" - 'Circuit Sweet'

"I really like where his music takes you" - 'Kate Stables', 'This Is The Kit' 



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