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Jacko Hooper - How Lucky We Are

Jacko Hooper is a songwriter who combines soulful vocals, honest words and atmospheric musicianship seeking influence from the things around him that mean the most.

Originally writing in the comfort of his bedroom and the audience of the four walls around him he first began to venture out after a fortuitous video was filmed by a close friends and uploaded onto YouTube. This led on to playing around the south of England and as a committed and loyal following began to develop he was invited by French videographer Rod Maurice of Le Hiboo to headline the Café De La Danse in Paris, this then leading on to several other shows in Europe.

Performances with Chet Faker, Amber Run, Marika Hackman, James Bay, Natalie Prass, Russian Red, Foxes, SOAK and James Blunt at the 5,000 capacity Brighton Centre occurred over the years that followed allowing Jacko to develop his story and songwriting further.

In 2014, Jacko set up Folklore Sessions which has become one of the South East’s leading music promotions and boutique record labels, working with some of the countries most exciting and accomplished songwriters. This year led on to the launch of the label with Folklore Vol.1 being released in June. A four track 7” vinyl EP consisting of tracks from Jacko and his friends George Ogilvie, Bess Atwell and Oktoba.

With a strong independent ethos and respected work ethic, Jacko has gone on to accumulate over 2,000,000 plays on Spotify and 1,000,000 views on YouTube.

How Lucky We Are was recorded during Lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.