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Jamez Levels Feat. Smacky - Non Ce N'Est Pas Bon (HIT!)

The Sexy Surinamese singer Jamez Levels achieved the No. 1 position in Suriname earlier this year with 'Non Ce N'est Pas Bon 'and received an award for it. Via Radio Magic 10 FM the track came to the attention of the label BIP Records which the track now brings the market. Non ce n'est pas bon "which is French for" no, this is not good "is a nice up tempo song with reggeaton as genre.

The song which contains French, Dutch, Sranan Tongo and Aucan is written with an eye on social media trends. In this song, Jamez Levels and Smacky have the well-known slides in someone in a very creative way DM ', with great attention being paid to the beauty of women. The story includes a lady who expresses her love for a man through social media. The man accepts that love and likes to give it back.

So when that lady asks that he send a UN because she likes his voice, he says "Non ce n'est pas bon" Issues such as VN (voice note) and TN (true Nigga) are so-called slangs that are used on the app or via DM and therefore linger when listening to that song.

With this song they step into the shoes of those who share love through social media and hope to arouse joy with the listener because the concept of the song is close to their experience, says Jamez Levels.

News story provided by BIP RECORDS