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Jesse Hite releases video for single In Your Mind

Jesse Hite gets in your mind!

Jesse Hite is an American artist living in France as a musician, producer, and singer-songwriter. He began writing songs at an early age, yet this is the first time he has released his own music into the world. His experience exploring and living on the West Coast of America, travels through Asia and Europe, and time spent living in France has taken his lyrics and songwriting to a whole new level and depth. He has combined those experiences inside the studio and molded them into a piece of art for all music lovers to enjoy. His dream is to make his music available for everyone around the world to listen to. He wants to share his honest experiences through his intricate storytelling-like song style. Jesse has been influenced by many artists and genres, most notably the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, John Mayer, Matt Corby, and LCD Soundsystem. His songs are groovy, atmospheric wonders with poppy hooks and deep stories.

Some words about In Your Mind:

In Your Mind is a deep dive inside the head of Jesse Hite. The melodic stacked synths, slapping bass, and powerful drums carry the song into a blooming sax solo; leaving you wanting more. How can you find a way to take all your flaws, insecurities, and worries; and turn that pain into art? This song comes close.

This video has just been added to Graffiti Vibe TV1

Debut single When It All Comes Down immediately landed in the Spotify New Music Friday Playlists of The Netherlands and Iceland, got airplay in Germany, The Netherlands and The UK a.o., and received critically acclaimed international press.

In Your Mind is available for purchase/streaming on all known digital platforms

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