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‘Jesus Christ’ is the first single from Rock outfit, The Ancient Unknown

Combining elements from a multitude of rock genres their sound has been described as a combination of Led Zeppelin, Muse, David Bowie and Dream Theatre. 

The Zeppelin Influences are clear here as Crispin’s operatic vocals highlight his impressive range, and cut through the mix like a Cillit bang grease test. The guitar riffs come deep and dirty but sit surprisingly well with an unexpected choice of instrumentation. Couple this with the song's unpredictable structure and the listener is taken on a journey, deep into the wonderfully wacky world of the ‘The Ancient Unknown’. The idea behind the song came after Crispin uttered the words 'Jesus Christ' after spilling his coffee at a band rehearsal.

“As it’s a phrase a lot of people say, without thought, the track became a look into a character who blames external guidance for their own mistakes. As it progresses the character gets more and more worked up and frustrated, highlighting the absurdity we’re all guilty of at times” - Ancient Unknown 

Like a seasoned whisky at a dinner party with histories, most eccentric rockers the band are complex and heavy, and just like a Whiskey- not for the faint hearted. 

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